Angthong Province

Ang Thong is small province on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. The former settlement is at Wiset Chai Chan on the bank of the Noi River. It was an essential frontier outpost of Ayutthaya when fighting with the Burmese. The majority of the people was later moved to a new site on the left bank of the Chao Phraya River during the Thon Buri period. Ang Tong is located 108 kms. north of Bangkok. It occupies an area of 968 square kilometres

Ang Thong is administratively divided into seven districts (Amphoes): Muang Ang Tong, Chaiyo, Pa Mok, Pho Tong, Sawaengha, Wiset Chai Chan and Samko.

Wat Khoi

This riverside temple is located in Tambon Pho Rang Nok, Amphoe Pho Thong. Travel 12 kms. on the Ang Thong-Wiset Chai Chan route turn right and go for another 5 kms. More than 50,000 fish of various species crowd the Noi River in front of the temple. The Pho Thong Fishery Office declared the area…

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Ban Bang Sadet

Ban Bang Sadet is a high raised Thai house behind Wat Tha Sutthawat in Tambon Ban Bang Sadet.  The former name of this Tambon was Tambon Ban Wattan.  When Their Majesties the King and the Queen visited and offered help to those who suffered from flood in 1975, the people were overwhelmingly pleased with their…

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Ban Bang Phae

This is a village which specialises in drum making. It is located at Tambon Ekkarat behind Pa Mok Market near the Chao Phraya River. The traditional drums, made of cow hide and softwood with exquisite craftsmanship, were originally used in performances. Smaller sizes are also available for tourists, who like to buy them as souvenirs.

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Ban Bang Chao Cho

This village is located in Amphoe Pho Thong, 14 kms. from the town. The villagers have retained the art of traditional basketry and make old patterns as well as create modern designs. The bamboo baskets are made in various shapes and sizes, and can be used in many ways. Along the Ayutthaya-Pa Mok route, there…

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Wat Siroi

Wat Siroi is located on the bank of the Noi River, at Mu 4, Tambon Siroi. Follow Highway No. 3454 km.31-32 (on Pho Phraya Tha ruea or Ang Thong Wiset Chai Chan route about 12.5 km. kilometers to the west of Amphoe Mueang Ang Thong, take a left turn along the irrigation canal road for…

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Wat Oi

Wat Oi is an old temple representing a symbol of Mueang Wiset Chai Chan locating at Mu 10, Tambon Sanchao Rongthong, on the west bank of the Noi River.  Follow Highway No. 3454 for approximately 2 kilometers and 1 kilometer from the north of Wat Khian.  The temple is assumed to have been constructed in…

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Wat Khian

Wat Khian is another ancient temple locating at Mu 8, Tambon Sanchao Rongthong, near Wat Wiset Chai Chan, which is 12 kilometers from Amphoe Mueang.  Follow Highway No. 3454 for approximately 1 kilometer.  Inside the ubosot are exquisite mural paintings featuring stories of 10 former incarnations of the Lord Buddha, which were presumably the workmanship…

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Wat Ban Phran

Wat Ban Phran is located in Tambon Sriphran.  Take Pho Thong Sawaeng Ha route (Highway No. 3054) Km 21-22. It is unknown when this ancient temple was built.  Regarding to Luangpu Chaimongkons (from Ayutthaya) narration, a couple called Mr. Phan and Mrs. Ngoen and their son, Mr. Krapukthong constructed Wat Ban Phran at the end…

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Ban Khu Mueang

Ban Khu Mueang is located in Tambon Ban Phai, 4 kilometers from the north of Sawaeng Ha District and 3 kilometers from Bang Rachan stockade.  At Ban Khu Mueang, archaeologists discovered ruins of an ancient city, which presumably existed during Thwarawadi period.  Its evidence shows a wide ancient moat and earthen mound, some fragments of…

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Wat Pho Thong

Wat Pho Thong is located in Ban Pho Thong, Tambon Khamyat, opposite the entrance of Ban Bangchaocha, 9 kilometers from Amphoe Mueang on Ang Thong Pho Thong route.  In the royal chronicle, Wat Pho Thong was the place where Krommakhun Phornphinit (Prince Uthumphorn or Khunluang Hawat) entered his monkshood.  King Rama VI spent his summer…

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