Category: Chumphon Province

The port city of Chumphon, considered the gateway to the south, is located 463 kms. from Bangkok and covers an area of 6,009 square kilometers. Along its 222-km. coastline, there are many beautiful beaches and bays as well as some offshore islands where visitors may enjoy diving and fishing. Chumphon also abounds in fruit plantations and thick forests where a number of waterfalls and caves are hidden.

Chumphon is administratively divided into 8 districts: Amphoe Muang Chumphon, Amphoe Lamae, Amphoe Lang Suan, Amphoe Pathiu, Amphoe Phato, Amphoe Sawi, Amphoe Tha Sae and Amphoe Thuang Tako.

Hat Sai Ri

This famous and scenic beach of Chumphon, located 15 kms. southeast of the township, can be reached via Route Nos. 4119 and 4098. To the north of the beach, there is the memorial site of H.R.H. Prince Chumphon, Father of the Royal Thai Navy, extremely revered by all seamen. The compound houses a shrine, a huge torpedo boat named the Royal Chumphon and a herbal garden.

En route to Hat Sai Ri, there is a small road parallel to some palm-fringed beaches such as Hat Pharadonphap and Hat Pha Daeng where some seafood restaurants are situated.

Ko Maphrao

This is a small island full of swallows’ nests located 1 km. from Hat Sai Ri and can be clearly seen from the shore.

Pak Nam Chumphon

It is the mouth of the Tha Taphao River where a large fishing village is situated. The estuary is located 13 kms. from town and can be reached via Route Nos. 4001 and 4119. On the bank of the Tha Taphao River, there are a few landings where boats depart regularly to Ko Tao. Ko Tao is a remote island famous for beautiful scenery and coral reefs, and can be reached from Chumphon within 6 hours by normal boat or 2 and a half hours by speed-boat.

In addition, there are some offshore islands, which can be visited by fishing boat. These include:

Ko Samet This has the same name as the famous island in Rayong. It is a small island which can be reached within 30 minutes from the Chumphon Estuary.

Ko Mattra This is a large island with a sandy beach. Spectacular rocks are seen in the west and south of the island. There is a coral reef on the west coast, and rare crabs called Pu Kai, which can climb up trees and cry like a chick, can be seen here. Small bungalows are available.

Ko Thalu A picturesque stone island measuring 100 metres long has two large holes through which one can swim from one side to the other. Nearby areas are full of coral and varieties of marine flowers.

Other coral islands include Ko Rat, located to the south of Chumphon, and Ko Thonglang.

Ao Thung Wua Laen

Known as the most beautiful beach of Chumphon, Hat Thung Wau Laen is a long and sandy beach with a slight slope ideal for swimming. It is situated 16 kms. north of the town. A comfortable hotel and bungalows, as well as diving facilities are available. Visitors may take a boat from the beach to explore some offshore islands including:

Ko Chorakhe This small island with a stony beach and a coral reef is located 11 kms. from Ao Thung Wua Lan.

Ko Ngam Noi and Ko Ngam Yai The surrounding areas of two adjacent stone islands are suitable for diving. These are also the islands of swallows’ nests, situated 17 kms. from the shore.

Tham Khao Khun Krathing

This cave is located 12 Kms. south of Chumphon along the road to Amphoe Lang Suan (Highway No. 41). Prehistoric paintings of geometrical sings are found on the cliff near the mouth of the cave, 25 meters above the ground.

Tham Khao Ngoen

This cave is located by a stream in the same area as Somdet Phra Srinakarin Park, 7 kms. west of Amphoe Lang Suan. The inside of the cave looks like a large hall and houses the inscription of King Rama V’s initials.

Tham Khao Kriap

one of the most beautiful caves; located 85 kms south of Chumphon along Highway No 4 and 6 kms along an access road The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites A temple is situated at the Khao Kriap Hill from which 370 steps lead to the mouth of the cave.

Hat Arunothai

This 6 km long, palm-fringed beach in Amphoe Thung Tako is situated 60 kms. from Chumphon along Highway No.4. On the beach; there is the Shrine of H.R.H. Prince Chumphon; the Father of the Royal Thai Navy and a resort where visitors can hire a boat to explore some islands such as Ko Khram and Ko Raobanthat.

Namtok Heo Lom

This huge waterfall in the area of Amphoe Pha To is situated 16 kms. from the district along the Pha To-Ratchakrut route (Route No. 4006), then turn left and continue for another 6 kms. The waterfall consists of two levels. The stream flows into a rocky pool before winding through Amphoe Pha To to the Lang Suan River. Rafting along the stream to Kaeng Bok Fai (rapids) is possible only from November to February. The raft trip takes about 2 hours.