From Loei Province

Although geographically located in the Northeast, Loei has many things in common with the Northern region with numerous high hills and mountains, and wintry and foggy climate. It is the only province in Thailand which has the dubious distinction of the mercury plummeting to zero Celsius. Loei is 520 kilometers from Bangkok.

Thai Dam Cultural Village


This village, situated at Ban Na Pa Nat, Tambon Khao Kawo, has so much to offer to art lovers. The Thai Dam (Dam = black) people migrated here from Laos in 1905. Conservative and traditional, their culture has been well preserved as illustrated in the construction of their houses and their lifestyle. In addition, a local weaving group demonstrating the traditional weaving process.


Visitors can purchase souvenirs at the group’s center and cultural enthusiasts can experience the Thai Dam lifestyle through homestay accommodations. Call the Thai Dam Cultural Conservation Society at 01 0482000 for more information and reservations.

City Pillar Shrine


Located next to Kut Pong Public Park, the shrine, which was built in 1982, is 139 centimeters tall and is constructed of pink cassia wood that is elaborately carved and inlaid with gold.


Kaeng Khut Khu

This is an islet in the middle of the Mekong River, 3 kilometers from Chiang Khan District Office. Kaeng Khut Khu is well known for its colorful boulders that are clearly visible during the dry season and totally submerged in other seasons. On the opposite bank of the River, visitors can see “Chana Kham”, Vientiane District, Laos PDR.

For tourists, there are traditional northeastern restaurants on the riverbank selling grilled fish and freshwater shrimp. A boat can be chartered to enjoy magnificent views along Maekong River.
To get there from the city of Loei, take the Loei-Chiang Khan road and drive for 47 kilometers, turn right and proceed for another 3 kilometers to Amphoe Chiang Khan.

Wat Si Khun Muang

This unique temple on Chai Khong Road north of Chiang Khan market has a chapel similar to that found in northern Thai temples with a mural of a Buddhist tale covering the entire front part.

Upper Huai Nam Man

Upper Huai Nam Man and Huai Krathing Reservoir; with a capacity of 26 million cubic meters, the earth-filled reservoir covers an area of 1,500 rai of land. Offering breathtaking views which are accented by a bamboo forest and evergreen mountains, the reservoir offers dining opportunities in bamboo rafts and other recreational activities. To get there, drive along the Loei-Phu Ruea Road for 15 kilometers, then turn right at the reservoir sign and proceed for another 5 kilometers.

Ban Kang Pla Weaving Group

The village produces authentic and unique Loei fabrics. Visitors can see weaving demonstrations and purchase some products such as cloths, shirts, dresses, and handbags as souvenirs. To get there, take Loei-Chiang Khan Road for 4 kilometers, turn right and proceed for 1 kilometre.

Phu Pha Lom Forest Park

Situated at Tambon Nam Suai, 24 kilometers from the city is a park that covers over 1,000 rai of land comprised mainly of limestone mountains surrounding a dense jungle. The main attractions in the Park are scenic viewpoints and caves while the main activity for visitors is trekking and camping.

Many locals believe that caves such as Phu Pha Lom, Laeo and Pha Bong, as well as Nam Phut or Nam Sap Well are sacred places. In particular, the Well is believed to be the den of Naga, a mythical serpent, with an underground water passage connecting to the Mekong River. It is possible to camp overnight in the Park, however advance reservations are required. For more information contact Phu Pha Lom Park, P.O. Box 7, Loei Post Office, Loei 42000.

Mueang Loei Turkey Farm

Situated at Ban Ko Rai Yai, approximately 9 kilometers from the city, the farm offers a unique opportunity to see thousands of turkeys. To get there from the city, take Highway No. 203 (Loei-Dan Sai) to the kilometer 9 marker, turn left and proceed for approximately 50 meters. The farm opens daily from 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. Contact 01 5455352 or 01 661 7511 for more information.

Loei Cultural Center

Located in Loei Rajabhat Institute, 5 kilometers from the city, on the Loei-Chiang Khan Road, the center features exhibits on indigenous culture and traditions of Loei. The center opens daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Call 042 835223-8, ext. 512 for more information or group reservations.