Nakhon Pathom Province

Nakhon Pathom is a very old city which has been a centre of the Dvaravati civilisation. Over 2,000 years ago, a Buddhism missionary from lndia was sent to introduce Buddhism and its philosophy to a land called Suwannaphum, which had Nakhon Pathom as its capital. Phra Pathom Chedi was the important structure of the kingdom. The prosperous city was abandoned in the 12th century. A new community settled down after the renovation of Phra Pathom Chedi was completed in the reign of King Rama V of Bangkok period.

Nakhon Pathom is 56 kilometres west of Bangkok. It is administratively divided into 6 districts (Amphoes): Muang Nakon Pathom, Nakhon Chaisi, Sam Phran, Bang Len, Kampheang Saen, Don Tum, and 1 sub-district: King Amphoe Phutthamonthon.

Thai Soang village

It is located at Ban Ko Rad, Tambon Bang Pla, which is 9 Kms. south of Amphoe Bang Len, via the Bang Len-Don Toom route.  The village is home to Thai Soang or Thai Soang Dum (Thai Soang usually wear black dresses) or Lao Soang, who migrated from Ban Nong Prong, Amphoe Khao Yoi, Petchaburi, who…

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Wat Klang Bang Kaew

It is an old temple located in Tambon Nakhon Chaisi. The temple houses a chapel, a vihara, and a principal Buddha image, all of which are very old and assumed, archaeologically, to have been built in the Ayutthaya period. There is a Phra Phuttha Vithinayok museum, exhibiting historical remains, artefacts, as well as utensils of…

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Neun Dhamma Sala

It is located at Dhamma Sala temple, Tambon Dhamma Sala, 6 Kms. to the east of Phra Pathom Chedi, on the South-side of Petchakasem Road.  The physical appearance is that of a hill with a tunnel opening that is believed to connect Wat Phra Mayn to Wat Dhamma Sala.  From hearsay, there are various valuable…

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Sireeuchachati Herb Garden

Situated in the Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, Nakhon Pathom Province, the Sireeruckachati  Herb Garden serves as a collection and conservation center for study and research of medicinal plants available in Thailand. Within an area of 4 acres, plants are grown in grasshouses, decorative gardens and forest gardens.  Each plant is accompanied by its names and…

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Herbal Grove

Herbal Grove, Wat Plug Mai Lai is situated in Tambon Thung Khwang, 20 Kms. from Nakhon Pathom town on Malaiman road.  An entrance to the temple can be seen on the left.  More than 500 kinds of herbs abound in the grove which covers an area of 92 Rais (36.8 acres) and in a tranquil ambience. …

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Thai Farmers’ Lifestyle Museum

It is a house of Uncle Reungchai and Aunt Payom Chamniyom.  It is located at Ban Lan Laem, Mu 4, Tambon Wat Lamud.  The house-cum- museum displays equipment, utensils, and tools, used in rice farming.  Also within the house compound is a handicraft-training centre that trains townspeople to make various products from Water Hyacinth (Pak Tob…

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Open Study Centre

Open Study Centre or College in the Palace, located alongside Salaya-Bang Phasi Road, Tambon Salaya.  The centre mobilises an ancient school of Thai arts called “Chang Sib Mu” or “The Ten Master Crafts”, the Thai arts that stem from local wisdom and expertise that Thais managed to retain from their forefathers.  “Chang Sib Mu” means…

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Misiem Yip Intsoi Arts Garden

It is located at 38/9, Buddha-monthon VII Road.  The entrance is opposite Rajavidhyalai College for which you have to go in another one kilometre.  The Garden houses masterpieces of arts created by Madam Misiem Yip Intsoi for educational purposes.  It is also available for organizing temporary exhibitions in an out-door gallery style and open-air art…

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Fish Sanctuary

Fish Sanctuary, located at Mu 1, Tambon Haui Plu.  The place is a natural fish sanctuary, which is the habitat of various species of fish typical to the Tha Cheen River.  The Fish Sanctuary can be reached via an access road 11 Kms. from the intersection at Nakhon Chaisi District Office.

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Wat Phra Men

Situated to the south of Phra Pathom Chedi, Wat Phra Men is believed to have been constructed in the same period as Phra Pathom Chedi. Remains of a huge stupa base were found within the precincts of this temple. Also discovered here are some artifacts which include Buddha images of different sizes, and stucco reliefs…

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