Pattani Province

Pattani, formerly renowned as the town of a woman ruler and the biggest cannon called “Nang Phaya Tani” , is located 1,055 kms. from Bangkok on the eastern coast. It occupies an area of 1,377 square kilometres, bordering on Songkhla to the north, Narathiwat to the south, the Gulf of Thailand to the east and Yala to the west. Most of the population is Muslim. The general geographical feature is a low basin suitable for cultivation.

Pattani is administratively divided into 12 districts: Amphoe Muang Pattani, Amphoe Kapho, Amphoe Khok Pho, Amphoe Mai Kaen, Amphoe Mayo, Amphoe Nong Chik, Amphoe Panare, Amphoe Sai Buri, Amphoe Thung Yang Dang, Amphoe Mae Lan, Amphoe Yarang, and Amphoe Yaring.

Somdet Phra Si Nakharin Park

This is a public park located on the Ieft side of the Pattani Rive, Tambon Rusamilae, 1 km. from The township area.

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Pak Nam Pattani

The mouth of the Pattani River, where the Prince of Songkhla University is situated, is 3 kms. from the township area. There is a fishing village with thousands of coconut trees lined behind a beach.

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Wat Chang Hai

This monastery of 300 years old is well-known to Buddhists for its beautiful buildings and the sacred tablets. Luang Pho Tuat, once an abbot of the temple, is generally respected by the people all over the country. This is Located 27 kms. from Pattani on the Khok Pho-YalaRoad and can also be reached by rail.…

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Prasat Nang Phomhom Forest Park

This is located in Tambon Pithen, Amphoe Thung Yang Daeng, 52 kms. from Pattani township. In the park, there is a small waterfall which is good to visit between November and December.

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Pattani’s Beaches

Pattani boasts many beautiful beaches along its eastern coast. These include Hat Khae Khae, Hat Panare, Hat Chalalai, Hat Ratcharak, in Amphoe Panare; Hat Patatimo or Hat Wasukri in Amphoe Sai Buri; Hat Talokapo and Laem Tachi in Amphoe Yaring. On some beaches where fishing villages are situated, fishing boats with colourful painted designs called…

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Laem Ta Chi

Laem Ta Chi or Laem Pho is another white-sand beach extended from Talo-kapo Beach. It has been the accumulation of sand spit into the Gulf of Thailand on the north. At the end of the beach is an open area with wider view, best for sight-seeing. There are two routes to Laem Ta Chi: by…

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Hat Talo-kapo Beach

This beach is about 18 kilometres from Pattani town. The way to get to the beach is to go along highway no.42 (Pattani – Narathiwat route, turn left at Amphoe Yaring, cross Yamu canal and pass the forest area and villages. With its long white sand, line of pines and coconut trees, this beach is…

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Hat Wasukri

The beach is about 52 kilometres from Pattani and about 2 kilometres from Sai Buri. It is in Patatimo Village, TambonTaluban. Visitors can use the Pattani-Narathiwat route or use the route passing Hat Khae Khae to Sai Buri, or directly turn left at the junction to Sai Buri. The beach is parallel to the pine…

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Palas Market

Being approximately 30 kilometres from Pattani by highway no.42, the market can be visited in the morning of every Wednesday and Sunday. Also, this venue reflects the real rural lifestyle of the southern Thai Muslims whereby shoppers are clad in their local costumes and colorful batik head bands.

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Hat Panare

Situated about three kilometres from Panare town on the same route to Talo-kapo Beach, there are many households of fishermen, Kolae and boats along the beach.

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