Phetchabun Province

Situated right in the heart of the country some 346 kilometres from Bangkok, Phetchabun borders on three regions, the North, the Central and the Northeast. The central part of the province is on the Pa Sak river basin with mountain ranges running along both the western and eastern sectors. Because of the fertility of the land, Phetchabun has always been an agriculturally productive area. The very name of the province actually means the land of crops and foods.

Today, Phetchabun is a province with rich tourism potential. lts climate is pleasant due to the mountainous and forested areas and it has a history of richness and prosperity for more than 1,400 years.

Phetchabun is administratively divided into the following districts: Muang, Lom Sak, Lom kao, Chon Daen, Nong Phai, Wichian Buri, Si Thep, Bung Sam Phan, Wang Pong, Nam Nao and Khao Kho.

Wat Mahathat

on Nikon Bamrung Road in town houses a number of ancient chedis of Sukhothai style. The Phetchabun City Pillar Shrine has been brought over from the ancient town of Si Thep and is considered the oldest such structure in Thailand.

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Wat Trai Phum

on Phetcharat Road features a Buddha statue clothed in the Lop Buri style. It is the principal statue used in the traditional Um Phra Dam Nam ceremony during September each year.

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The Huai Pa Dang Reservoir

was created by the dam constructed to block the waterway to the west of town for irrigation purposes. Some 8 kilometres from town on Highway No. 2006, it is a pleasant place for recreation and picnic with scenic natural views in the background, particularly in the morning and late afternoon.

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Nam Tok Tat Mok

is a waterfall fed by streams flowing down cracks and crevices of the mountains creating a beautiful 12-level fall. On both sides of the trails leading up to it are large, shady trees providing a pleasant surrounding. To reach it, take off from town past the town hall to the east for some 15 kilometres…

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The Pho Khun Pha Muang Memorial

at Lom Sak district in the north of Phetchabun commemorates this former ruler or the area, which was a contemporary of Sukhothai.

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Lom Sak District

is the starting point to go to Phu Hin Rong Kla to the west. As the route is quite steep, extreme care should be exercised in driving. Phu Hin Rong Kla is a popular destination located along the Phitsanulok and Phetchabun borders and offers exotic scenery. It was once the base of communists fighting against…

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Si Thep Historical Park

Some 130 kilometres South of Phetchabun on Highway No.21, and with another 9 kilometres after a left turn, is the Si Thep Historical Park. Si Thep is an ancient town where many architectural structures still remain indicative of its past prosperity during the 11th-18th Buddhist Centuries. It was once the centre of contact between the…

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Khao Kho

is made up of mountain ranges to the northwest of town about 1174 metres above mean sea level covered in the main by deciduous plants. Very cold during November-February, it once was the base from which communist insurgents conducted their struggles against the authorities during 1968-1982. Today it is accessible via two routes; off Highway…

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Rai B.N.

is a private agriculture plantation growing cold-climate crops, including various flowers which alternately bloom throughout the year. It is situated on the route to Khao Kho 3 kilometres from Ban Camp Son and fruit based items for sale.

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The Nam Nao National Park

is an immense tract of forest still in perfect condition. With pineries, grasslands and virgin jungles, it is habitat to large number of animals and more than 100 species of birds. During December- January, the mercury can drop to as low as 2-5 degrees Celsius. The park headquarters is about 50 kilometres to the west…

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