Phitsanulok Province

A major tourist destination in the Lower North, Phitsanulok is situated on the banks of the Nan River some 377 kilometres from Bangkok. Most of the terrains are flatland, with mountain ranges running on the east where waterfalls and national parks offer opportunities for nature treks.

Historically, Phitsanulok has been a major community since the time of the Khmers and enjoyed great prosperity during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. During 1463-1487 it was practically another royal capital as King Borom Trailokanat of Ayutthaya resided permanently in the province.

Phitsanulok is administratively divided into the following districts: Muang, Wang Thong, Phrom Phiram, Bang Krathum, Bang Rakam, Wat Bot, Nakhon Thai, Chat Trakan and Noen Maprang.

Giant Tamarind Tree

The 700-year-old Giant Tamarind Tree is located at Tambon Ban Kok outside of town. To reach it, take the road to Nakhon Sawan and turn left at the foot of the bridge across the Nan River proceeding for a further 700 metres.

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House-boats on Nan River

The house boat serves as a signature of Phitsanulok. From north to south along both sides of  Nan River, house boats and rafts are lined up, creating a unique perspective for tourists. In addition to the display of the typical Phitsanulok way of life emphasis is placed on the strong connection between man and the…

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Nam Tok Poi

is a waterfall one kilometre off the main road at Km. 60. The surrounding natural area is suitable for recreation and relaxation.

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Kang Sopha

At the end of the highway at Km. 72 and a further 2 kilometres off the road is a huge, 3-level waterfall, Kang Sopha. Water flows down rocky crevices through shady forests. Best time to visit is during September-December when the flows are at maximum.

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The Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

is a huge area blessed with beautiful pineries and fields bright with colourful flowers and blooms in different seasons, particularly during late rainy season (October). The park headquarters, where information may be obtained and accommodation booked, is located at Km. 80 of High – way No. 12. Towering mountain ranges are watersheds feeding several streams…

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Thung Salaeng Luang

Against a backdrop of high mountain ranges is the Savannah-type grassland of Thung Salaeng Luang. Covering an area of 16 square kilometres, the park is naturally endowed with pine trees and wild flowers which blossom in virgin jungles. The parks mountain ranges are watersheds of several streams which are a source of the famous Maenam…

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Thung Phaya

is a grassland hemmed in by pineries and virgin jungles. It is 12 kilometres further from Tung Salaeng Luang.

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Thung Non Son

A flatland on the mountain-top in the heart of the park, Thung Non Son is noted for its profusion of wild flowers during October-December. It is located 16 kilometres by car and a further 15 kilometres on foot from Ban Nong Mae Na.

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Kaeng Wang Nam Yen

About 5 kilometres from Nong Mae Na is a 50 metres x 100 metres wide rapids, Kaeng Wang Nam Yen, affording a delightful scenery. There are also a couple of caves with beautiful hanging and protruding groups of rocks. However, the access is not too convenient. For those who want to stay overnight in the…

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Nam Tok Chat Trakan National Park

Located in Khao Ya Puk, approximately 145 kilometers from the city, Namtok Chat Trakan National Park occupies a total area of 146,875 rai of land (equivalent to 58,750 acres). This is the location of the famous 7-tiered waterfall which cascades down high mountain cliffs which have traces of carvings of pre-historic symbol. In addition, there…

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