Category: Phrae Province

An old and important community of Northern Thailand, Phrae was founded after Chiang Mai had been established as the capital of the Lanna Thai kingdom. With one of the largest reserves of teak forests in the country, it is located on the banks of the Yom River, some 550 kilometres from Bangkok.

Phrae covers an area about 6,538 square kilometres and surrounded on all sides by mountains with level plains in the middle.

Phrae is administratively divided into the following districts: Muang, Sung Men, Den Chai, Long, Wang Chin, Song, Rong Kwang and Nong Muang Khai.

Wat Phra Bat Ming Muang

Iocated on Charoen Nakhon Road near the town hall was built in 1995 by combining two ancient temples. There is an old Chedi containing a replica of the Holy Footprint inside.

Wat Sa Bo Kaeo

Located on Nam Khu Road next to the city moats is Wat Sa Bo Kaeo a temple with several exotic Burmese artistic-styled structures and Buddha statues. It is also where Burmese monks who travel to Thailand to study the Buddhist scripture stay.

Wat Chom Sawan

Just one kilometre from the town hall on Yantrakit Koson Road is Wat Chom Sawan a Burmese architectural style temple. The building which combines the hall for conducting religious rituals and monk’s living quarters is beautifully decorated both in its interiors and exteriors. The over-lapping roofs are adorned with fine fret works. Antiquities found here include marble Buddha statues, statues made of woven bamboos coated with lacquer, and Buddha statues made from ivory, as well as ivory scripture slabs with Burmese scripts.

Ban Thung Hong

About 4 kilometres away on Highway No. 101 (Phrae-Nan) is Ban Thung Hong a village noted for the making of product made from Mo Hom material. It is a local cotton fabric dyed in blue which is used in making native and modern wears.

Ban Rong Fong

specialises in making metal agricultural tools using traditional production method. The village can be reached by taking Highway No. 101 (Phrae-Nan) with a turn into Highway No. 1101 leading to Rong Fong.

Ban Pong Si

at Tambon Thin of Muang district is a village which collects and exchanges second-hand household utensils for daily use. It also sells silver products.

Phae Muang Phi

About 12 kilometres out of town, and with a further 6 kilometres after a right turn, is the Phae Muang Phi a wide area with no large trees. Because of subsidence and erosion of the soil, the harder elements remain and are formed into the shapes of exotic-looking mushrooms.

Tok Mae Khaem

A small, 2-level waterfall, Nam Tok Mae Khaem is located at Tambon Suan Khuan. To reach it, go on the Pa Daeng-Thung Hong road for 4 kilometres. Then turn left and continue for another 12 kilometres. There is another fall, larger and with three levels, in the vicinity. It is Nam Tok Tat Mok, which is about 22 kilometres from town.

Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng

Three kilometres from Phra that Cho Hae is Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng, some 10 kilometres from town. Built in the year 788, the name of the builder was unknown. The golden Chedi is 19 metres tall and enshrines a Holy Relic. There is also a Museum of rare ancient relics.