Category: Roi Et Province

Once a prosperous and extensive community but ravaged by floods, Roi Et has made a come-back as a town of great promise, with its huge Thung Kula Rong Hai (flat-land) being developed into a fertile and productive land. Roi Et is 512 kilometers from Bangkok.

Bung Phlan Chai


Bung Phlan Chai a lake in the town center which has been deepened to make a beautiful spot for the town people. It is also where the Roi Et town Pillar is located.




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Wat Buraphaphiram


Wat Buraphaphiram¬†is situated in the provincial town.The country’s highest standing Buddha image, reaching 67.85 meters in height is enshrined in this temple.






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Wat Klang Ming Muang

is also located in the provincial town. Its monastic hall is more than 200 years old and houses mural paintings depicting the Life of the Lord Buddha. In the reign of King Rama V, the Swearing-In Ceremony was held at this temple.

Roi Et Reservoir

about three kilometers from the town center, is another area popular with the people. For it provides both beautiful scenery and restful atmosphere for relaxation.

Thung Kula Rong Hai

is a huge flat-land covering four provinces, Surin, Roi Et, Maha – Saraham and Buriram, with an area of about one million acres. The name literally means the Weeping Field of the Kula (a tough nomad people). For it was scorching dry in the summer and totally inundated during the rainy season, with no natural water sources or tall trees to provide shade. However, it has been partially developed developed for agricultural purpose through a land reform project to turn it into a vast productive farming area.

Ku Ka Sing

a large Khmer architecture dating between 1017 -1087 A.D., is located in Amphoe Kaset Wisai. Travel 60 kilometers along Roi Et-Surin Road until arriving Ku Phra Kona and turn right into the road leading to Ku Ka Sing,18 kilometers away. The remains consist of 3 prangs located on the same sand stone basement and rectangular buildings called Bannalai situated at two sides in front. All buildings are surrounded by the wall.

Pha Nam Yoi Forest Park

is located in the northeast of Amphoe Nong Phok, 65 kilometers from Roi Et. Pha Nam Yoi is a large stone cliff having running water and small springs coming out from the cliff all year round. On the hill is a monastery with a large multipurpose and big pagoda of 101 meters in height.