Sa Kaeo Province

Sa Kaeo is one of Thailand’s newest provinces upgraded from a district of Prachin Buri Province in 1993. The town is 220 kms. east of Bangkok and can be reached either by road or rail. Dotted in its 165 km. borderline, Aranyaprathet is the easternmost dorder district facing Poi Pet in Cambodia. It is also the most important channel for trade between the thai and Cambodian people.

Sa Kaeo is administratively diided into 6 districts and 2 sub-districts: Amphoe Muang Sa Kaeo, Amphoe Watthana Nakhon, Amphoe Aranyaprathet, Amphoe Ta Phraya, Amphoe Wang Nam Yen, Amphoe Khlong Hat, King Amphoe Khao Chakan and King Amphoe Khok Sung.

Sa Kaeo-Sa Khwan

The name of the province derives from this place. It is composed of two ponds believed by people to contain sacred water once used for the coronation ceremony. The site is located 1.5 kms. west of the town.

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Pang Sida National Park

Declared a national park on 24 February, 1982, it occupies an area of 844 square kilometres with various and diversified forests. The park area is the origin of the Bang Pakong River. The park office, where information and accommodation are provided, is 700 metres from the park office. Namtok Pha Takhian, 2.5 kms. beyond Pang…

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This is a district on the Thai-Cambodian border, some 55 kms. east of Sa Kaeo. Ban Khiong Luk border market, some 6 kms. from the district, is always crowded with vendors and shoppers from both countries. Popular products on sale at this market are consumer goods, ceramics, wicker ware, woodwork, and used products.

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Prasat Khao Noi

This archaeological site of the Khmer period is situated on a hill in Amphoe Wat- thanakhon. It is accessible by a 2 km. dirt road branching off the Watthana Nakhon-Aranyaprathet route. The structure is composed of 3 prangs or pagodas made of brick surrounded by laterite walls. Sandstone lintels and statues found at the site…

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Prasat Sadokkokthom

This old khmer temple is located near the border at Ban Nong Samet, Amphoe Ta Phraya. A group of sandstone prangs(or pagodas) stand inside laterite walls. Important evidence found at this ancient site are two stone inscriptions, now kept in the National Library in Bangkok.

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