Trat Province

A small province at the easternmost frontier bordering on Cambodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range forming a natural demarcation, Trat is a resort town with over fifty large and small off-shore islands, long white sandy beaches and unspoiled coral ranges. It is also a major fruit-growing and fishing area. About 315 kilometres from Bangkok and covering an area of 2,819 square kilometres.

The province is administratively divided into the districts of Muang, Khao Saming, Leam Ngop, Khlong Yai and Bo Rai, and the subdistricts of Ko Chang and Kut.

Wat Buppharam

On Highway No. 3 (Sukhumwit) just opposite the Trat Hospital is a turn into Plai Khlong Road which leads to Wat Buppharam, a distance of two kilometres. Built in the Ayutthaya era, it features the oldest wooden Wihan in the country. The architectural style and the remaining wall murals are of early Rattanakosin influence with…

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Wat Yotha Nimit

also known as Wat Bot, is located on Tetsaban 4 Road near the city pillar. With fine murals in its former Ubosot, the temple was once used as the site for oath of allegiance ceremony by government officials since the time of King Taksin. The rite was shifted to Wat Phai Lom by King Rama…

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The City Pillar

Located on Lak Muang Road, the City Pillar stands in a Chinese-style building. Erected by King Taksin, it is a highly revered edifice for the townspeople.

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The Khao Lan Thai Red Cross Centre

on Trat-Khlong Yai Highway at Km. 48 was formerly a facility to assist Cambodian refugees who fled fighting in their country into Thailand beginning in 1978 until peace returned in 1986. After the refugees were repatriated, the site has been adapted into a tourist facility. Tel:(039) 521621.

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Wat Saen Tum

is a Dharma practising facility amid the cool shade of forest and fruit orchard. To the south of the temple is what is called the Khao To Mo Ancient Site where piles of stone pillars have been discovered. It is believed that they were components of ancient Khmer structures. Also a large number of relics…

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Ban Nam Chieo

is about 8 Kilometres from town on the Trat-Laem Ngop route. It is noted for Ngop Nam Chieo a native hat to ward off the sun. The hat is woven with local palm leafs from plants grown in mangrove area. It is still widely used today as it is light and comfortable. In addition to…

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The Ko Chang Yutthanawi Memorial

at Laem Ngop commemorates the Franco-Thai naval engagement on January 17, 1941. There is also the Statue of Prince Chumphon father of the Thai navy and a warship shaped museum displaying old equipment and armament of the fleet with exhibits on the Ko Chang naval battle.

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Ko Kut

This island is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. Its size ranks it as the fourth largest island in Thailand or the second largest island next to Ko Chang in Trat. The island, which is 25 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide covers an area of approximately 105 square kilometers or 65,625 rai.…

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Ko Mak

This is a large island to the south of Ko Chang that is blessed with several beautiful bays and beaches and coral reefs nearby that are still in perfect condition. The islanders make their living by growing rubber and coconut trees. The best time to visit is from November until late April. There are a…

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Ko Kradat

This island is situated to the northeast away from Ko Mak. In the past, the area had an abundance of Kradad trees (paper trees); hence, the name of the island. This island is notable for the fact that it is the only island in Thailand to be issued a land title deed during the period…

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