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Yasothon was created a separate administrative entity from Ubon in 1972. Here is the home of the famous Bang Fai, the Rocket Festival, Which is staged on a grend on a grand scale year around mid-May. Yasothon is 531 kilometers from Bangkok.

Wat Mahathat

THAI NAME: วัดมหาธาตุ
LOCATION: Amphoe Mueang District in Yasothon Province
GPS: 15.793936 104.142177

Wat Mahathat is an important temple of the province in the town. The building of importance here is Phra That Yasothon or Phra That Anon, an ancient square pagoda with the top similar to that of Phra That Phanom. The architecture is in the Laotian style which was popular in the late Ayutthaya to early Rattanakosin periods. The pagoda houses the relics of Phra Anon. A state minister from Si Sattana Khanahut (Vientiane) who took migrants to settle here about 200 years ago constructed it around 1778.

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Phra That Kong Khao Noi

THAI NAME: ธาตุก่องข้าวน้อย
LOCATION: Amphoe Mueang District in Yasothon Province
GPS: 15.763717 104.207120

Phra That Kong Khao Noi is at Tambon Tat Thong. Take the Yasothon-Udon Thani route for 2 kilometres to get to the site. Built during the 23rd-25th Buddhist century in the late Ayutthaya period, the small, square brick pagoda has a distinctive top. The middle part has designs of doorways on all 4 sides. A brick wall surrounds the pagoda. A sacred Buddha image is behind the pagoda. Legend has it that it was built by a young farmer who was repentant after killing his mother because he was upset with hunger.

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Wat Ban Chiang Pheng

Wat Ban Chiang Pheng

THAI NAME: วัดบ้านเชียงเพ็ง
LOCATION: Pa Tio District in Yasothon Province
GPS: 15.827639 104.441170

Wat Ban Chiang Pheng in Yasothon is very popular with people looking for lottery numbers. A 200 year old boat was found nearby and brought to the temple. But people don’t come to visit out of historical interest. They come to rub the wood to find lottery numbers. It only needs one person to win big and then everyone wants to try their luck. The temple is very crowded in the days leading up to the lottery draw on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Wat Ban Chiang Pheng

Wat Ban Chiang Pheng

Chi River Beach

This is a natural beach formed by the receding water level in the Chi River in the dry season, which is never higher than 70 centimetres. The beach is nearly 2 kilometres long. Locals like to come here to relax and have a meal.

Ku Chan

Located at Ban Ngew, Tambon Ku Chan, 12 kms. from Amphoe Kham Khuen Kaeo, KuChan is an ancient pagoda similar to Phra That Phanom. Legend says it has been built in the same period to Phra That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom province.

The old building of Ban Singha Tha

Ban Khum Singha Tha, in Muang municipality, is the old area whose name is found in the city’s history. The area is rich of beautiful old-fashioned buildings which is well preserved, making a nice place to enjoy the cultural rich area.

Hor Trai

Hor Trai, or library of Wat Sra Trinurak. Hor Trai is located in Wat Sra Trinurak, Ban Na Wiang, Moo 1, Tambon Na Wiang, 25 kms. from Yasothon City. The ancient pavilion, over a century old, located amidst pond is housing Buddhist scriptures since ancient time. The Burmese-style wooden architecture is 8.30 metre wide and 10.50 metre long, with 4-level metal-sheet roof and long eaves at all sides. The front door is delicately carved.