Ban Chiang Archaeological Site

This archaeological site is considered to be cultural property of outstanding universal value and was nominated as a World Heritage Site in December 1992. The Site is located at Ban Chiang, Amphoe Nong Han, 55 kilometers from the province on Highway No. 22 (Udon Thani-Sakon Nakon). Turn left at the 50-km marker to Highway No. 2225 and proceed for 6 kilometers.

Ban Chiang National Museum located at Ban Chiang, Tambon Ban Chiang, Amphoe Nong Han, is comprised of two parts. The first part stores antiques. Inside the building, old artifacts, ancient Ban Chiang culture, tools and utensils that showcase ancient technology and surroundings, as well as earthenware pots from 4,000 to 7,500 years old, are displayed. The second part is an open museum in the compound of Wat Po Si Nai. The Fine Arts Department has retained the conditions of archaeological excavations to illustrate how earthenware pots and other items were buried along with the dead. Ban Chiang National Museum is considered the first open museum in Thailand. As for the Ban Chiang earthenware pots, they are known world-wide because Ban Chiang was the origin of a pre-historic civilization. Archaeologists believe the designs on Ban Chiang earthenware are the oldest pot designs in the world.

Traveling to Ban Chiang National Museum is very easy. It is only fifty-six kilometers from Muang District. The route runs along Highway 22 and turns left onto Highway 2225 at kilometer 50, where a road sign indicates the way to Ban Chiang which is six kilometers away.

The museum is open to the general public every day, except Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

with an admission fee of 150 baht. The museum has a parking area with toilets and village shops located nearby.

On the way to Ban Chiang, visitors can stop at several villages where handicrafts are made. Ban Kham O located along the Udon Thani-Sakon Nakhon Road is a Ban Chiang pottery sculpture center while Ban Pu Lu is a pottery-painting place.

One thought on “Ban Chiang Archaeological Site

  • January 14, 2016 at 8:27 am

    We visited the Ban Chiang National Museum in January 2016. This archaeological museum is a wonderful place. The exhibition is excellent. All items on display are described with labels in Thai and in English.

    We recommend you set aside at least two hours to visit this place. There is a lot see and to learn here.

    Unfortunately, I have to add two negative comments:

    (1) The museum uses double pricing. Thai citizens may enter for 30 TB, but a foreigner must pay 150 TB. The foreigner must pay five times more than the Thai citizen! How can this be fair? How can the museum think this makes the foreigner fell welcome?

    (2) The museum has produced a guidebook about the collection. It is available in Thai and in English. The price is 100 TB. We could see the book in a glass counter opposite the counter where you buy the ticket to the museum. But we could not buy the book, because the person who had the key was not present on that day! This is difficult to understand. The person who sells the tickets to the museum is not allowed to sell the official guidebook! How can the director of the museum allow this situation?

    This museum is highly recommended, but the administration should be fair (no double pricing) and it should be modern (the bookshop should be open when the museum is open).

    PS. You can find more information about the Ban Chiang Museum at the World Heritage website.


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