Wat Khun Inthapramun

Wat Khun Inthapramun

Wat Khun Inthapramun is located in Tambon Inthapramun.  It is an ancient temple constructed in the Sukhothai period.  Considering the original line of brick remains, it is estimated to be a large temple.  The largest and longest reclining Buddha in Thailand, 50 meters from the topknot to the feet, is enshrined here.

Originally, the reclining Buddha image was housed in the wihan, but this temple was on fire and was left deserted with the Buddha image in the open for centuries.  The image features and size are similar to those of Phranon Chaksi, a reclining Buddha image in Sing Buri Province.  Therefore, it is assumed to have been constructed in the same period.  The image possesses attractive Buddha features with a serene smiling face attracting respectfulness and faithfulness from people.  Thai kings went to pay homage to the image e.g. King Borommakot in 1753, King Rama V in 1878 and 1908.  The present king came to present the royal Kathin robes in 1973 and again in 1975.  Buddhists from all over the country always make their visits to worship the image.

Moreover, within Wat Khun Inthapramun compound, there are historical remains of basement, some parts of walls, and Buddha image in Luangpho Khao wihan.  Inside the all-purpose pavilion, there is a statue of Khun Inthapramun and the skeleton found in the wihan of the reclining Buddha image in 1998 lying on his face with his hands and feet tied up.  People believe that this skeleton is of Khun Inthapramun, but some say it is not.  According to the legend, Khun Inthapramun was a revenue officer who secretly embezzled the government tax to build this reclining Buddha image as a holy object.  When the King asked how he obtained the fund from, Khun Inthapramun did not reveal the truth because he was afraid that his merit from building the image would be passed on to the King.  He was finally sentenced to death.  And the temple was then called Wat Khun Inthapramun.

How to get there : This site can be accessed by 3 routes.  Ang Thong Amphoe Pho Thong (No. 3064), then take a right turn at Km 9 for approximately 2 kilometers.  Or take the route from Sing Buri province to Amphoe Chaiyo at approximately Km 64-65, take a left turn for 4 kilometers to reach the temple.  Or take the new route Amphoe Wiset Chai Chan Pho Thong (along the irrigation canal road) when arriving at Amphoe Pho Thong, take a right turn for 2 kilometers to reach the temple.

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