Prasart Nakhon Luang

This ruin of the royal residence for summer retreats is on the east bank of the Pasak River. It was used by various Kings of Ayutthaya as a temporary camp en route a visit to the Lord Buddha’s Footprint in Saraburior a trip to Lopburi. Prince Damrong surmised that this residence was built during the reign of King Song Tham when the Footprint was discovered. The original building was later strengthened with brick and plaster during the reign King Prasat Thong. According to the royal annals, King Prasat Thong sent artists to Khmer in 1631 to copy the plan of a Khmer prasat from the capital city of Angkor Thom, hence the name Phra Nakhon Luang. However, only a simplified version of the original prasat was constructed and is currently a part of a temple where the monks help to keep the building in a state of good repair.

Aranyik Village

The name “Aranyik” is traditionally related to the history of the Ayutthaya period, when wars were fought in hand-to-hand battles. Aranyik village emerged as a place where sword smiths specialised in battle swords worked. To this day, Aranyik Village remains at the forefront as the country’s leading producer of hand made, high-quality knives and swords

Now also noted for its five-star OTOP products, Aranyik has diversified its product range to suit modern-day markets and requirements. Cutlery, dinnerware and other table accessories are produced and exported. These represent another great tradition that thrives even in modern times.

Production is in the villages of Ban Ton Pho and Ban Pai Nong. However, the OTOP Village is located at Ban Sarai, Tha Chang Sub-District, Nakhon Luang District. It is here that visitors can take a closer look at how Aranyik knives and other related products and made while exploring the villagers’ remarkably charming traditional way of life. Homestay accommodation is available.

To Get There   

The village is now accessible by bus from Chao Phrom Market in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. Take the bus with a sign reading “Ayutthaya–Tha Ruea”, which runs along the Asia Highway (Highway No.32) towards Nakhon Sawan, pass beyond Somdet Phra Sangkharat Hospital for about 100 metres, turn left under the bridge across the Pa Sak River towards Amphoe Nakhon Luang and follow the direction signs. A boat trip is also available from in front of Chanthara Kasem Palace backward against the Pa Sak River via the Military Arsenal Department’s explosives plant and Amphoe Nakhon Luang, respectively. The boat trip takes approximately 2 hours.

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