Wat Na Phra Men

Wat Na Phra Men

Formerly known as Wat Phra Merurachikaram, the temple is located across the river north of the palace. Although the date of construction is unknown, the temple has been restored a number of times but still has a finely proportioned ubosot and viharn. The latter contains a large Dvaravati stone Buddha seated in European style, his hands on his knees, which some scholars think originated in Nakhon Pathom.

The Ubosot design is very old in the typical Thai style. The most interesting object is the principal Buddha image, which is fully decorated in regal attire. The most interesting fact attributed to the image is that it escaped destruction when the Burmese were burning everything down. It was from the grounds of this temple that the Burmese King Chao Along Phaya decided to fire a cannon at the Grand Palace.

Admission to the temple which is just over the bridge near Si Sanphet Road is 10 bahts.

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