Wat Klai Kangwon

Wat Klai Kangwon or Khao Saraphat Si Charoen Tham is located at Tambon Ban Chian, 48 kilometres from the provincial town of Chai Nat. Proceed via Highway No. 3211 onto Hankha Intersection. Take a left turn for another 4 kilometres and the temple is on the right hand side. Turn right about 1.7 kilometres further and you will come across a concrete fence measuring 5,000 metres in length enclosing the temple. An ancient temple dated back to the Lop Buri period, Wat Klai Kangwon was deserted for sometime but has later undergone major restoration in 1967. On top of the hill sees ruins of an ordination hall and the Lord Buddha’s footprints, as well as, a panoramic view of the area.  There is the annual Tak Bat Devo ceremony, which literally means offering of food to Buddhist monks.  The celebration is an imitation of Lord Buddha’s descent from heaven, and takes place after the Buddhist Rains Retreat.

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