Wat Ketkaram

Chiang Mai

Wat Ketkaram is an ancient temple located on the East Side of the Mae Ping River. According to the chronological records, Wat Ketkaram was built in 1428 during which time (between 1411-1442) when Phra Jao Sam Fang Kean, the king of Mang Rai dynasty was ruling the region.

Formerly, the pagoda of Wat Ketkaram was called “Phra That Ket Kaew Jula Manee” where the relic of Lord Boddha was kept. It is believed that the pagoda represents the original one in the topmost heaven (Daowadueng) on earth. The spire of the pagoda was purposely made titled in order to void indecency by pointing it to the one in heaven.

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