Pak Nam Chumphon

It is the mouth of the Tha Taphao River where a large fishing village is situated. The estuary is located 13 kms. from town and can be reached via Route Nos. 4001 and 4119. On the bank of the Tha Taphao River, there are a few landings where boats depart regularly to Ko Tao. Ko Tao is a remote island famous for beautiful scenery and coral reefs, and can be reached from Chumphon within 6 hours by normal boat or 2 and a half hours by speed-boat.

In addition, there are some offshore islands, which can be visited by fishing boat. These include:

Ko Samet This has the same name as the famous island in Rayong. It is a small island which can be reached within 30 minutes from the Chumphon Estuary.

Ko Mattra This is a large island with a sandy beach. Spectacular rocks are seen in the west and south of the island. There is a coral reef on the west coast, and rare crabs called Pu Kai, which can climb up trees and cry like a chick, can be seen here. Small bungalows are available.

Ko Thalu A picturesque stone island measuring 100 metres long has two large holes through which one can swim from one side to the other. Nearby areas are full of coral and varieties of marine flowers.

Other coral islands include Ko Rat, located to the south of Chumphon, and Ko Thonglang.

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