The Khlong Wang Chao National Park

Located in Kosampi Nakhon sub-district, the park ocupies an area Tak’s Pradang and Wang Chao forests and Kamphaengphet’s Khlong Wang Chao and Khlong Suan Mak forests.

Interesting attractions within the park are Khong Wang Chao waterfall. Khlong Samor Kluai Waterfall, Tao Dam Waterfall, Khlong Pong Waterfall including wonderful sceneries.

Accommodation and food shop are available. For more information, contact the park’s office. PO box 69, Kamphanengphet 62000. Tel: 0 5571  9318-9.

How to get there: The Park could be reached either by car or by bus.

By car, take Asia Highway (Route no.1) from town center and turn left ino route no. 1109 (Wang Chao-Loh Koh Rd.) Or from the ang Chao market, turn left into route no.1110.

By bus from Bangkok, daily bus services (Bangkok-Tak, Lampang, Chiang Mai) are avialable. Get off the Wang Chao market and make a further trip to the park by  a motorbike or songtaew. From town center, visitors could use songtaew service (Kamphaengphet-Nong Dan) on Wichit Rd, Tambon Nai Muang

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