Tham Kaeo Sawan Bandan

It is a complex of caves located in Tham Kaeo Sawan Bandan Meditation Centre near a small mountain. Each cave has a specific name based on their characteristics; such as Tham Badan with knee-leveled water, Tham Phopu Ruesi, Tham Kaeo Morakot, Tham Keao Sawan Bandan, and Tham Kaeo with stalactites and stalagmites that glitter like a powder of diamond when light shines on them.

Please dress neatly with comfortable shoes. Be careful when visiting some caves which have a sloping stone mound; also in some caves you have to kneel down and crawl through the stone holes. It takes at least 6 hours to visit all caves.

To get there, take the route Sangkhla Buri-Three Pagodas Pass and turn right at Km. 16 near the roadside shelter. Drive along the dirt road for about 800 metres then turn right. Go on for 200 metres until you arrive at the meditation centre where the cave is situated. Tourists can ask for more information about the cave from the monks who reside in the meditation centre area.

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