Lop Buri Festivals

King Narai the Great’s Reign Fair

The King Narai Fair is organized in February every year to commemorate the good deeds of King Narai the Great to Lop Buri and the nation. Lop Buri was the second city during that period where the king preferred to stay for nearly throughout the year with an exception for the rainy season when he stayed in Ayutthaya.

There are various activities in the fair such as light and sound presentation, ademonstration of Thai lifestyle, Wang Narai Night, Thai games by Thai kids (Chuk, Klae, Ko, Pia), local entertainment, and booths offering local products.

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The Monkey Chinese Banquet Festival

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The Phra Prang Sam Yot and Phra Kan Shrine is home to a large number of monkeys who are fed by the worshippers of Phra Kan, to the extent that the monkeys have become tame and familiar with humans.

Giving the monkeys a banquet, Chinese style, with fruits, boiled eggs, thong yip, thong yot, foi thong, etc: cultural shows.

The festival is held on the last Sunday of November every year.

Lop Buri Sunflower Blooming Festival

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The Sunflower Festival takes place around December of every year because it is the period when the sunflowers are in full bloom. At present, Lop Buri possesses hundred of thousands of rai of sunflowers. Before the harvest, the sunflowers will create a yellow field, being another splendid tourist attraction of Lop Buri. Interesting activities in the fair include floral decorated float processions, sales of products from sunflowers, and many kinds of rally races.