Lop Buri Local Products

Sunflower products
Lop Buri residents produce a wide range of high quality sunflower products, including sunflower oil, cookies, honey syrup and liquid foambath.

Rock carving Buddha images at Ban Nong Lang
This village which is famous for rock carving crafts Siva and Buddha images as well as Dvaravati stone sculptures. These carvings are sent to antique markets in Ayutthaya and Bangkok.

Reed mats
These mats are produced in Thai Din Dam near the Namtok Wang Kan Luang.

Metal Casting (Brass)
At Mu 2, Baan Ta Krayang, Taleh Chupsorn Sub-district, Mueang District, metal casting is a part of the villagers livelihood. Using molds made of clay, cement, and plaster, metal figures produced from Baan Ta Krayang are very popular among tourists who usually take them home as decorating items or souvenirs.

Mat Mi Fabric
An easy-to-wash cloth that is inexpensive but of high quality Mat Mi fabrics can be found in the villages in Ban Mi District.

Khao Phra Ngam Gems
Another type of precious stone found in Khao Prangam District, Lop Buri, the stone has dazzling and glittering characteristics similar to that of a real diamond and is known locally as Hin Kiew Hanumana (Sand Stone) or Quartz. The common colors are white, pink, green, purple and yellow. Since the stone is famous for its sparkling quality, it has recently become popular local souvenir.

Khai Khem Din So Phong (Marl Salted Egg)
This is a product that provides an excellent example of combining local wisdom and local resources. The egg was first introduced into the market by a group of soldiers’ wives at King Narai Army Camp in 1989. To produce this salted egg, an egg is preserved in a plastic bag with a mixture of marl, sugar and salt for a period of 3-15 days. Adding Din So Phong to the process makes it even more unique as it is a food preservation method that is only found and done in Lop Buri.

Din So Phong
A typical product of Lop Buri, Din So Phong is well known for its therapeutic capacities. It is said that the best Din So Phong in Thailand can be found in Lop Buri. Din So Phong producers have added Thai herbs to their products in order to increase their values.

Coconut Jelly
A common product of Lop Buri, Mushroom Jelly is produced by fermenting coconut juice with a microbe (acetic) similar to that used in vinegar preserving process. In the fermentation process, white fungi will float and gradually assemble into a group of mushroom-like jelly. It is found to be rich in vitamins, minerals and cellulose. The jelly is superb for making any kinds of dessert.