Nakhon Pathom Festivals

Nakhon Pathom Food Fair
Festival Highlights
Thai Fruits
Enjoy the rich flavour of Nakhon Pathom’s tasty fruits, such as pomelo, guava, mango, papaya, melon and grape, freshly-picked from the orchards.

Sips of fragrant fresh young coconut juice or delicately-flavoured guava juice throughout the day will keep you refreshed as you make the tour of the fair grounds. Freshly-picked products from the orchards and plantations will be offered at wholesale prices, so don’t miss the opportunity to shop for fresh fruits to take home with you.

A Taste of Delicious Local Fare
The Nakhon Pathom Food, Fruit and Best Products Fair is a food-lover’s dream.

In a single stop, visitors will be able to conveniently ‘sample’, or indulge in a vast selection of delicious dishes prepared by 50 of the province’s famous restaurants and food stalls. The all-time-favourites include roasted pork rice, braised pork shank rice, Hainan chicken rice, noodles, rice vermicelli served with a selection of curries, meatballs, aromatic grilled pork, Pa-lo five-spice braised duck, agar, coconut agar, ‘chilled bread’, chilli dips, flossed pan-fried pork, and ‘moo paen’ – paper-thin, crispy over-roasted pork slices and Chinese-style kun chiang sausages. The finest in Chinese cuisine will be presented at the Chinese Banquet Centre.

Shop for Five-Star OTOP Products
Each of the tambon or sub-districts of Nakhon Pathom will be offering a selection of their very best five-star products for sale at the fair. Shopping in Nakhon Pathom offers excellent value-for-money. Products at the fair will be freshly-picked from the orchards and plantations, fresh from the farms, or home-made, and offered at wholesale prices.

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