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Nakhon Chai Si Pomelo
The pomelo is a citrus resembling a large grapefruit. Pomelo is the specialty of Nakhon Pathom Province, especially the areas of Amphoe Phutthamonthon, Amphoe Sam Phran and Amphoe Nakhon Chai Si. Pomelo season is August. A pomelo tree can live for many years. There are several kinds of pomelo, the most famous of which are:  Thong Di, of which the meat is pink;  Khao Phuang, whose meat is pale yellow-white, sour and a bit sweet to taste – the best for use in spicy salads;
Khao Nam Phueng, which is a large, round fruit with clear white meat that is tender, juicy and sweet;
Khao Paen, with white meat.

How to choose a pomelo: 
It is best to choose pomelos with yellow skin – not too green – but still firm.

How to peel a pomelo: 
1. Use a knife to peel the skin. One should not cut straight through the peel and into the meat, as the skin contains very bitter oils which can ruin the taste of the meat.
2. Remove the inner white pith.
3. Separate the sections, and remove the seeds and the fibrous, tough skin which surrounds the sections. Preparing the fruit in this way maintains its good flavour, and as an added bonus the serving is attractive.

nakhon pathom product

Khao Lam
Khao Lam is the sticky rice, mixed with coconut milk and grilled in a bamboo trunk.

Fragrant coconut juice
Fragrant coconut juice which is worth its fame.