Nakhon Ratchasima Local Products

Pra (Pla Ra)
The making of Pra or Pla ra begins with cleaning fresh fish, rubbing it with salt, and stuffing it into a jar topped with bamboo bracts or betel palm bracts. It has to be left for 2 months. During that time, the juice from the fish will come out and it can be filtered and kept as a seasoning. The fermented fish will be mixed with finely-ground roasted unmilled rice and kept for another 6-8 months before it is ready to be eaten. It is an ingredient in a variety of dishes and it is considered an old way of preserving food which continues to the present time.

Korat Fried Rice-Noodle (Mee Khorat)
The ingredients for this dish include rice noodles, pork or chicken, fish sauce, fermented soy bean, salt, palm sugar or brown sugar, ground peanuts, bean sprouts, an onion-like vegetable, lime, egg, vegetable oil, shallot and garlic. This is a nutritious dish which is unique to Korat and is eaten regularly, especially during lunch, and usually with papaya salad (Somtam).

Dan Kwian Pottery
Villagers use clay from the riverbanks to make pottery and have continued doing so for many generations. Today Dan Kwian is famous as a center that produces beautiful pottery with a variety of unique designs. However, the locals still retain the original techniques of making pottery and using a type of black clay that is unique to the area.