Prasat Phanom Wan

Prasat Phanom Wan is in Ban Makha, Tambon Pho, around 15 kilometres from the city on the Nakhon Ratchasima-Khon Kaen road.  A sign on the right shows the way on a road 5 kilometres more.  This is an interesting Khmer sanctuary.  It is believed that it was built in the 15th Buddhist century.  Later during the 18th-19th centuries, a stone building was built over it.  From inscriptions found at the site, it is known that the sanctuary was used in the Hindu religion and later became a Buddhist site.  Although most of it is in ruins, there is a clear form present, like the square main pagoda facing east and a tiered pagoda in front, as well as a path linking the two structures.

To the southwest is a building of red sandstone called “Prang Noi.”  Inside is a large stone Buddha image.  A roofed sandstone walkway and a laterite wall go around the sanctuary.  A Gopura (a sanctuary doorway or porch) in the form of a tall tower is situated in all 4 directions.  Around 230 metres east of the sanctuary are traces of a moat and an earth hill that was the site of another Khmer building called “Noen Oraphim.”

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