Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot

Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot is on the peak of Khao Buat Nak between the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and Chiraprawat Fort.  Legend says that when Burmese troops sacked Ayutthayafor the second time, they built this temple to show that they also hold the Buddhism faith.  The most interesting objects here are the replica of Lord Buddhas Footprint and a convocation hall that locals call Bot Thewada Sang.  There is a fair to pay homage and attach gold leaves to the footprint in November.  Boat races are held in conjunction with the fair.

Getting There:Take Highway No. 32 (Asian Highway) to before the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and turn left into the temple.  It is about 1 kilometer from the city.

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