Namtok Ai Khiao

Namtok Ai Khiao, or Nai Khiao Waterfall, is in Tambon Thon Hong. It is 30 kilometres from the city on Highway No. 4016, on the same route as Phrom Lok waterfall. At the 26-km marker, turn left onto the road and continue for another 3 kilometres. Originating from Khao Luang, this waterfall has 9 levels, which are Nan Chong Sai, Nan Bang Bai, Nan Mai Phai, Nan Sua Phan, Nan Buppha Sawan, Nan Hin Kong, Nan Hua Chang, Nan Sai Kwat Lan, and Nan Fa Faet. The surrounding area is still a dense jungle. Both sides of the falls are covered with betel gardens. The locals call the betel Phlu Pak Sai because of its hot flavor and sweet scent. The view of Khao Luang is best viewed from here.

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