The Thai-style monks residence

The Thai-style monks residence of Wat Wang Tawan Tok is on Ratchadamnoen Road, in the area said to be opposite Wang Tawan Ok (Eastern Palace), the retreat of Chao Chom Prang. Formerly a park, Chao Phraya Nakhon (Noi) donated Wang Tawan Ok and the park opposite it to a temple, now known as Wat Wang Tawan Tok(Western Palace Temple). In 1888, Phra Khru Kachat (Yong) and his disciples built a group of houses for monks. The 3 houses have a pointed roof connected to the other and there are exquisite Nakhon Si Thammarat designs on the walls, doors, windows, and vents. The Siam Architects Society named these houses the best conservation effort in the area of historical sites and temples in 1992.

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