Wat Khao Khun Phanom

Wat Khao Khun Phanom and the Khao Khun Phanom Scientific Study Centre is in Moo 3, Tambon Ban Ko. From the city, use Highway No. 4016 to the 21-km marker, past Phrom Lok market, then take a right-hand road for 2.5 kilometres. Wat Khao Khun Phanom is a temple of historical and archaeological importance. The temple has a cave lined with a brick wall and marked with heart-shaped stones marking the limits of the temple similar to those along the city wall. The front wall has plaster designs decorated with Chinese porcelain. In the cave are about 30 bronze Buddha images and a bronze Buddha’s footprint. Several smaller connecting caves branch out from the main cave like an elaborate fortress maze. Many believe this is where King Taksin the Great used to stay. Others say it was the rest stop of Princess Kesini, daughter of Chao Nara Suriyawong, the lord of Nakhon Si Thammarat during 1769-1776.

On the way up Khao Khun Phanom is the Khao Khun Phanom Scientific Study Centre that provides knowledge on science, technology, the environment, and eco-tourism to the public. The Khao Khun Phanom community is a cultural community. There is a training camp activity and a grouping called the Tourism to Study Fruit Orchards by Bicycle Club. For more information, call tel. 0-75 34-5154.

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