Phetchaburi Local Products

The most famous souvenir of the province is sweets made of tanot (palm) sugar, flour, eggs and coconut cream. In the city and along Highway No. 4 are numerous sweet shops with names starting with the word Mae that are Thai dessert specialists, particularly in Phetchaburis specialty Khanom Mo Kaeng. In addition, Thong Yot, Thong Yip, Foi Thong, and Khanom Tan are also popular purchases.

Other souvenirs include womens accessories and housewares made of hemp, palm sugar products and a large variety of preserved fruits.

Phetchaburi Fruits
Phetchaburi Fruits Fruits from every season are found here and the most famous are sweet and aromatic Chom Phu (rose apple), fresh Palm seed, pineapple from Don Khun Huai, cantaloupe and also the well-known goldn banana from Amphoe Tha Yang.

Khao Chae
Khao Chae (rice served with ice and sweetened meat) is a renowned local dish and is popular during the summer season as it cools you down. Khanomchin Thotman (rice noodles with fishcakes) is also a popular dish.