The King Naresuan the Great Shrine

Located on the other side of Maenam Nan, opposite the main town, the Shrine of King Naresuan the Great is in the compound of Phitsanulok Phittayakom School. The Shrine was built in 1961 at the site of the Chan Palace where King Naresuan the Great was born and raised. The Shrine represents the Thais utmost respect to their beloved King who liberated the nation from Burmese power.

Within the Shrine is a seated image of King Naresuan the Great pouring water from a golden container symbolizing the declaration of Ayutthaya’s independence from Myanmar.

To reach the site from the city, pass through Naresuan Bridge and turn right at the foot of the bridge, drive for another 200 meters and turn left to enter the road along Maenam Nan, then proceed for another 700 meters.

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