Siam Cultural Park


Siam Cultural Park situates in Wangyen sub – district the district of Bangpae close to the famous Dumnurnsaduak Floating Market just a kilometer from Bangpae intersection on Petkasem road.

The park was originated with the aim to conserve Thai traditions, cultures, and arts along with the shady natural park . The Park is divided into six zones covering area more than 42-rai. The fist zone is housed to the Hall of Fame building which exhibits well-know important persons both Thai and foreign for example, M.L. Pin Malakul, H.E. Professor Dr. Sanya Dhammasak, President Ho Chi Minh, and Mother Terasa. Just a few steps from the Hall of Fame building and right before entering into the second zone, there are amazing and difficult-to-find-one trees in which a sugar palm tree surrounded by a bo tree, the tree the lord Buddha enlightened.

The second zone is called the Terrace of Buddha Image of Three Periods. The Buddha images reproduced from historical parks from three different periods, Ayutthaya , Sukhothai and Chiang Saen also known as Lanna. This zone gives an opportunity to explore three historical park in three different provinces in one place. The third zone is housed to a Jutaka Light and Sound Cave where the story of the Buddhist Saga Vessantara Jutaka is told with the aim to show the result the endless greed of human beings. Next to the cave lies a Herbal Drink house where a tradition refreshment drinks like Chrysanthemum, Rosella, Bael fruit, Lemon Grass, and Longan and Thai tradition sweets are served. The forth zone is exhibited Buddhist Monastic Cells which divided into regional styles where each cell housed two famous monks from the region.


Crossing the bridge to the other side of the canal would bring visitors back to the past with the Thai traditional houses style in the fifth zone. This zone is also divided into regional styles where each styles has its uniqueness of architecture and design. Inside each house are artifacts to tell about the way of life of the people in the region. Crossing the second bridge would take visitors to the water-fall front for taking photos and enjoy coffee, tea, Thai sweets, ice-cream, and herbal drinks served by the Coffee House. After enjoy taking photos and the refreshments, walking along the footpath would finally take visitors to the footpath would finally take visitors to the last zone the Terrace of Avalokitasvara where the area is beautifully decorated with trees and flowers for the last shot before leaving the Park.

Siam Cultural Park is a very interesting tourist destination which shouldn’t miss in Ratchaburi province

Operating Hours
Monday -Friday : 9.00-16.30
Saturday -Sunday : 8.30-17.00
Annual holiday : 8.30-17.00

Adult : 50 B
Child : 20 B

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