Rayong General Information

Located approximately 220 kilometers from Bangkok is another delightful resort on Thailand’s eastern coast – Rayong province. A late bloomer, the province is well known for its pristine beaches stretching along a 100-kilometer coastline and scenic waterfalls amidst exotic surroundings. Aside from this, Rayong is blessed with an abundance of seafood products such as shrimp paste, fish sauce and dried seafood, and tropical fruits of which rambutan, mangosteen and durian are the most famous.

Covering a total area of 3,552 square kilometers, Rayong borders Chonburi Province on the north and the west, the Gulf of Thailand on the south, and Chantaburi Province on the east. Most of the land is marked by a series of mountains interspersed by flat plains and large tracts of forest and fruit plantations. Administratively, the province is divided into Mueang Rayong, Klaeng, Ban Khai, Bang Chang, Pluak Daeng and Wang Chan districts and Khao Chamao and Nikhom Phatthana Sub-districts.

Boasting indispensable sea-life resources, Rayong is one of the country’s major agricultural and industrial provinces. On the other hand, the province has maintained its traditions and customs in the daily lifestyle of the locals. The best months to visit Rayong are from November to February.

The Past

During the late Ayutthaya period, when the former capital was being razed to the ground by the invading Burmese, Phaya Tak led a troop of patriots, broke through the cordon of besieging troops and marched to Rayong in order to build up his navy before proceeding on to Chanthaburi. Because of his courage and bravery, the soldiers and local population anointed him as “King” in Rayong. Once he had built up sufficient troop strength, Phaya Tak who later became King Taksin of the Kingdom of Thonburi returned to Ayutthaya, routed the Burmese and set up a new capital in Thonburi.

Distances from Rayong Town to Other Destinations :

Muang District:

Map Ta Phut 15 kms.
Sang Chan Beach 8 kms.
Hat Mae Ramphueng 11 kms.
Ban Kon Ao/Kao Laem Ya 22 kms.
The Sobha Botanical Gardens 17 kms.
Suan Son Park 23 kms.

Klaeng District:

Suan Wang Kaew 38 kms.
Hat Laem Mae Phim 38 kms.
Statue of Sunthorn Phu 48 kms.
Khao Chamao Waterfall  71 kms.
Khao Wong Cave 78 kms.
Ban Phe District 19 kms.
Ban Khai District 12 kms.
Pattaya 65 kms.
Chon Buri 98 kms.
Chanthaburi Province 110 kms.
Trat Province 180 kms.
U Taphao Airport 35 kms.
Ban Chang District 28 kms.