Rayong Local Products

Seafood Products
Seafood Products such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried prawns, squid and other dried seafood are important and well known local products, due to their high quality and moderate prices. The best places to buy these products are in Ban Phe market or in any of Rayong’s markets.

Reet mats
Reet mats and other beautiful reed products, such as purses, handbags and hats, are a local cottage industry in the villages of Kram and Klaeng Districts. One of the best places to buy this gift is from the women’s charity group located near the monument of Sunthorn Phu.

Fruits are famous in Rayong, particularly from May until the middle of July, when durian, rambutans and mangosteen are available.

Fried Durian
A popular product among Thai and foreign tourists alike. With its delicious taste, travelers just can’t help sampling one and buying two packs to take home. Fried Durian can be purchased at Ban Phe market and the Fruit market at Tapong.

Crystal products
Handmade products of Thailand that come with high, internationally accepted quality. Visit Lotus Crystal Factory in Pluak Daeng District to see how good they are.