Samut Prakan Festivals

Pak Lat Songkran Festival This is a famous and enjoyable festival of the Mon in the Phra Pradaeng District. It is held annually on the first Sunday after April 13. The Mon were among Thailand’s earliest settlers and a large community of them still lives in Phra Pradaeng. They celebrate their Songkran Day , formerly regarded as the first day of the year, with religious observances, colourful parades and folk plays.

Yon Bua Festival This is a long merit-making tradition held by the Bang Phli inhabitants on the 14th day of the waxing – moon of the 11th lunar month (around October) “Yon Bua” means tossing the lotus. This tradition usually sees large crowds of people waiting to toss lotuses onto the boat bearing the Luang Pho To Buddha image of Wat Bang Phli Yai, which sometimes is covered with a floral tribute almost up to the head.