Amphoe Amphawa

The Amphawa district is an important place and is much involved with Thai history from the Ayutthaya period to the early Rattanakosin period. In the past, it was called Khwaeng Bang Chang, the small community prospered in both agriculture and commerce. There are credible evidences that suggest that during King Prasatthong era, Kwaeng Bang Chang had a market called Bang Chang Market. Ms. Noi was the head of the market who had a title of Thao Kaeo Phaluek. She was a member of the Bang Chang family a very rich family. Later, the family was granted the surname of Na Bang Chang by the King.

In the year 2303 B.E. (1760), during the reign of King Ekkathat in the late of Ayutthaya era, he promoted Nai Thong Duang (later to become King Rama I) to the position of Luang Yok Krabat governing Muang Ratchaburi, the fourth-grade city under Ayutthaya. Later, Luang Yokkrabat married Khun Nak, a daughter of the rich Bang Chang family, they settled behind Wat Chulamani. Some time later, the house was gutted from a fire, so they relocated with the help of the services from site to a new house behind Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram, where they stayed for 3 years.

In 2310 B.E. (1767), the Burmese conquered Ayutthaya, Luang Yokkrabat and his family escaped to the deep of the jungles. At that time, Than Kaeo (Somdet Krom Phra Srisudarak) an elder sister of Luang Yokkrabat gave birth to a daughter named Boon Rod (who later became Princess Srisuriyenthara Borommarachinee, the queen to King Rama II). When Phraya Wachiraphrakarn gathered an army and was able to repel the Burmese, he was crowned as King Taksin. So Luang Yokkrabat and his family moved back to their hometown.

At that time, Khun Nak gave birth to their fourth son, Chim (who later became King Rama II). After that Luang Yokkrabat served King Taksin. He received the title of Phrarajawarin Chao Krom Phra Tamruajnokkwa, then was promoted to Prince Phrayamahakasatsuek and later on was crowned as King Rama I, the founder of Chakri Dynasty. Khun Nak, his wife, was promoted to Queen (Somdej Amarintharamat). Khun San, Khun Nak’s mother, was promoted to Princess Phrarubsirisopharkmahanaknari.

But because Queen Amarintharamat was a native of Bang Chang, she had many close relatives who owned fruit orchards at Bang Chang. When promoted to Queen Amarintharamat, she became a noble Bang Chang. Therefore her relatives are related to the noble Bang Chang Family. Somdet Phra Amarintharamat always visited her relatives, so it was called Suan Nok which means the suburb that belonged to members of the queen’s family. Bangkok, the region of the royal family was called Suan Nai. The catchphrase of Bang Chang Suan Nork, Bangkok Suan Nai was used until the reign of King Rama IV.

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