Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong

samut songkhram

This temple is located on the bank of Mae Klong River, on the west side of the end of Phrachachuen canals mouth. It is accessible by boat from Wat Amphawan pier or King Rama II Memorial Park pier. An interesting attraction in the temple is the Kudee Thong (golden hermitage). According to a legend, Khun Nak’s millionaire father asked the abbot of Wat Bang Li to foretell Khun Nak’s fortune. The abbot predicted that Khun Nak would become a Queen. Khun Nak’s father then vowed that he will build the golden hermitage for Wat Bang Li if the prediction came true, hence the reason for the name of Wat Ban Li Kudi Thong. Later, Wat Bang Li was flooded and part of the land was gouged out by water, so the Kudi Thong was taken down and reconstructed at this temple.

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