Wat Khao Kaeo Worawihan

Wat Khao Kaeo Worawihan is located in Ton Tan Sub-district, on the right side of the Pa Sak River, 6 kilometres from Sao Hai District Office. When King Rama IV visited Sao Hai District, he ordered the renovation of this temple and promoted it as a royal temple. There has been a rumor that there used to be a bright crystal ball over the Wihan of Wat Khao Khaeo on some nights. It is considered a miracle of the sacred object contained inside the Chedi. Inside the small 5-spired Chedi situated between the bell tower and the main chedi reside the adorned Buddha image, Buddha image in the Palelai (Palilayaka) posture, and the Lord Buddha’s footprint. All of these are beautiful.

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