Thale Ban National Park

This is located in the area of Amphoe Muang and Amphoe Khuan Don, having an outlook as a picturesque lagoon surrounded by high mountains. Attractions in the park include Namtok Rani, a small waterfall near the park office: Namtok Yaroi, a medium size waterfall located 7 kms. from Namtok Yaroi; Tham Lot Puyu, an aquatic grotto which can be reached by boat from Tammalang Pier, 9 kms. from town, and the Thai-Malaysian Border, only 2 kms. from the office of the park.

To get to the national park, drive along Highway No. 406 from town for 19 kms. and turn right to Route No. 4184 for another 20 kms. Accommodation is available.

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