Songkhla Local Products

Seafood Products
Shrimp and fish crackers are one of the local products of Songkhla Province. Delicious and inexpensive, they make perfect souvenirs for food lovers. There are also nam budu, cashew nuts, and dried crystal shrimp that can be purchased from stalls on Nakhon Nai Road in the city.

The sapodilla fruit is oval in shape with thin brown skin. The ripe fruit has sweet, soft flesh. The sapodilla is only eaten ripe. Widely grown especially in Koh Yor, the sapodilla is an important cash crop for Songkhla Province.

Puppet Figure
Nang Talung (shadow puppet) is the souths traditional folk art normally shown to the general public in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Trang, and Songkhla Provinces. A temporary platform is usually built for the performance. The puppets, cut from animal hide, are placed against the rear of a white screen in front of a bright light so the audience can see their shadows. The story is told by narrators. The puppets can be purchased from souvenir stores.

Pickled Wedge-Shell Fish
After cleaning, the shell fish are pickled for 2-3 days by covering them in salt (the large – grained variety). Alternatively, they can be marinated in salt water for 5 days; when the water turns reddish brown, they are ready for eating. Pickled wedge-shell fish are rich in protein and calcium.

Ko Yo Hand-woven Fabric
Ko Yo Hand-woven Fabric is another folk product of Songkhla Province, produced mainly from Ko Yo, Amphoe Mueang Songkhla. The sturdy hand-woven fabric has intricate designs such as Lai Rat Chawat, and Lai Luk Kaeo. The long lasting fine cloth with varied designs made by the local residents can be tailored into men’s or ladies apparels. The fabric is sold in stores in Hat Yai and Songkhla (on Nakhon Nai and Nang Ngam Roads), and at the market in Koh Yo.