Sukhothai Local Products

Thung Luang Terra Cotta
Gold and Silver Ornaments Ancient-looking gold and silver products of Si Satchanalai district are entirely hand-made by distinguished skilled workers.

Sangkhalok Ceramics
Sangkhalok ceramics are best bought newly made since they are as beautiful as the original.

Hat Siao Fabric
Hat Siao is a village in Si Satchanalai disrict. It is famous for handwoven cloth. Hat Siao fabric comes with an embossed-end, done by people who are the descendants of Thai Phuan who migrated from Laos. The fabric is available in many shops in Si Satchanalai.

Fried Peanuts
Fried peanuts of Si Samrong district, also called 200-year fried peanuts are a tribute to a technique which has been inherited for many generations.