Wat Phra-Phai-Luang


This temple lies about 500 metres north of San Luang Gate (northern gate).  This sanctuary, formerly a Khmer-Hindu shrine but later converted into a Buddhist monastery, is surrounded by a moat.  It is second in importance to Wat Mahathat.  Inside, there are three prangs like Wat Si Sawai, but the southern and the central ones have crumbled leaving only the northern one decorated with stucco figures.  In front of these prangs are a viharn and a crumbled chedi; the later has a pedestal decorated with stucco seated Buddha images.  A mondop contains Buddha images in four postures; sitting, reclining, standing, and walking.  They are now all in ruins.  A Sivalinga (Phallic emblem of Hindu gods) was unearthed in the compound of this sanctuary.

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