This distant district is 164 Kilometers south of Mae Sot on Highway No. 1090. There are air-conditioned buses, as well as flights from Bangkok to Mae Sot, and then, take the local bus to Umphang. The scenic Highway’s highest point is some 1,200 metres above sea level. The winding route takes some 4 hours to complete, particularly during the Rains Season or the Cool Season when mountain mists impede progress.

Every part of Umphang is a centre of ecotourism; For example, major water sources can be found here. It is also part of a World Heritage Site. The way of life of the Karen hilltribe people, who keep elephants as a means of transportation, can be seen in Umphang District. These people live close to nature.

There are many types of accommodation within Umphang that provide services for tourism-rafting, trekking, elephant riding,etc.

For safety and protection of personal property, visitors are advised to refrain from using the services of illegal guides and children. Only use the services of the operators who are registered under the Tourism Business and Guides Registration Office. While rafting, please use life-saving equipment at all times for safety.

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