The Uthai Thani Old Town

at Nong Chang district, had in fact been the site of the original town continuously from the Sukhothai through to the Ayutthaya periods. The community centre did not move to the present site on the Sakaekrang until early Rattanakosin with the original town downgrading to a district. Remains of the old town can still be found at Wat Kuti but the surrounding areas are now open field. The temple still in good condition today is Wat Chaeng. Its Prang, or pagoda, first built in 1538, was renovated in 1915 at he same time as the old Ayutthaya-style Ubosot. The relieves on the Prang and the lintels over the Ubosot are of the same type. Another temple is Wat Hua Muang which still has the ruins of old bot of the Ayutthaya-style and of small, ancient Chedi.

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