Fish Park at Wat Khoi

Fish Park at Wat Khoi is located at the Noi River in front of Wat Khoi, Mu 1, Tambon Pho Rang Nok, 12 kilometers from Ang Thong province.  Take Ang Thong Wiset Chai Chan route, on Highway No. 3151 Km 27-28, you will find the signboard of the Fish Park at Wat Khoi, then turn right to take a short cut along irrigation canal for approximately 2.3 kilometers.  Fish at Wat Khoi have been abundant for 50 years since Phrakhru Sukitwichan (Luangpho Khem) was an abbot.  Later in 1985, Phrakhru Sorakitchaton, the present abbot had the place renovated.  With the coordination from the Office of Amphoe Pho Thong Fisheries, this venue was declared as a fish sanctuary.  The police will see that the fish are not disturbed.  At present, there are various species of fish living together over 50,000 e.g. sawai (genus Pangasius), rad (gouramy), thepo (genus Pangasius), buek (Pangasianodon gigas), tapian (carp), etc.  Fish foods are available for visitors to enjoy feeding them.  Beverage stalls are also available.

Within Wat Khoi compound, another attraction is an ancient Thai-style teak temple hall of religious instruction built on eight-angle pillars.  Under the temple hall, various kinds of antiques are exhibited e.g. boats from China such as towing boat, sculling boat, Thai-style gondola, and covering boat.  Collections of tools and equipment used in growing rice e.g. cart, wheel, and plough handle are also displayed.  Aquaculture harvest equipment like bamboo fishing trap can also be found.  Besides, there are mondop, wihan, chedi, ubosot, monks’ compartment, praying hall, historic remains of ancient classroom and antiques from foreign countries e.g. ancient lamp from Washington D.C., ancient clock from Paris, and teak monastic cabinet from China in the reign of King Rama V, or ancient cradle.  Neighbors in this area established Coarse Rice Production Center in a form of cooperatives for distribution to the public.  Local museum displays various kinds of ancient boats e.g. towing boat and sculling boat, and farmers’ equipments e.g. stone mortar, hand rice mill, rice winnowing basket, etc., which clearly review life style of the Thai people in the central region.

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