Wat Thanon

Wat Thanon is located in Tambon Phongpheng. From Amphoe Pa Mok, passing municipal market to the inner route of Pa Mok Bang Ban (Highway No. 3501) Km 19-20 approximately 7 kilometers, you will find Wat Thanon.  This temple was constructed approximately in 1780 in the Thonburi period. A wooden Buddha image in the standing posture, carved in a human size of approximately more than 2 meters, is enshrined in the wihan called Luangpho Phraphut Rampueng.

From the chronicle, the raft with the Buddha image floated along the river and stopped in front of this temple and did not go any further.  Phra Thong Yu, the abbot in that period, found that there was an engraved wooden Buddha image in the raft. Therefore, he offered sacrifices to the Buddha image before moving him from the river to house in the temple.  People, who pay homage to this temple, like to make wishes and prove them by placing the eggs in front of the Buddha image.  Whoever can make the egg stands, he/she has good luck.  Offerings of boiled eggs, a play, and garland are used as the means to redeem a vow to the Buddha for the wishes that have been made.  Other attraction is the floating 100-year Buddhas footprint of 30×70 in engraved wood on the ceiling of the temple hall.

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