Doi Tung

Chiang Rai

is located in Mae Fa Luang district, reachable by taking Highway No. 110 for about 48 kilometres. Then turn left onto Highway No. 1149, an asphalt road leading to Doi Tung. The route winds through beautiful scenery and with many interesting sites. These include the Doi Tung Palace and the Mae Fa Luang Garden, Akha and Muser tribal villages. There are also view points and the Phra That Doi Tung Holy Relic, an old religious site atop the Doi, about 2,000 metres above sea level.

About 62 kilometres from the provincial seat on Highway No. 110 is Thailand’s norther-most district. Mae Sai borders on Myanmar’s Tha Khi Lek marked by the Mae Sai River with a bridge spanning both sides. Foreign visitors are allowed to cross over to the Tha Khi Lek market by presenting their passports and paying a fee at the Mae Sai immigration checkpoint. ln addition, there are tour services up to Chiang Tung in Myanmar which is some 160 kilometres north by road.

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