The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center

The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center in Mae Fah Luang University. This was established through the cooperation of Mae Fa Luang University and the People’s Republic of China. The center was built as a memorial to honor Her Royal Highness Princess grandmother’s 100th birthday as a symbol of friendship between the two nations.

The center’s design was drawn to adhere as depicted in China. The construction took 7 months to complete at cost approximately 60 million Baht. The architecture replicate the Suzhou Chinese structure, building decorations and the garden ornaments by complying with the design layouts and using authentic materials shipped from China. The roofing tiles, the doors and the marble tiles laid at the entrance are all examples of a few of the materials brought from China.
Tel: 0 5391 7093, 0 5391 7097

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